Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Starting Fresh....perhaps

Well I stink at this...let's be honest.  My main motivation for getting on here again is to post our latest family pictures! HA!  So let's forget catching you up from 'last time,' let's just start fresh and I'll...inform you of the latest. :)
My family: sometimes I forget how happy they make me, ya know on "those" days, but these kiddos are such a joy!  They are sweet, smart and I'm so glad they are mine.


Drew turned 5 in August.  He is doing preschool and we just finished up the 6 week soccer program. I was his coach. hee hee  He loves and is very good at coloring. He loves doing boy stuff and helping mom in the kitchen.


Brynn is 3 1/2 and is good at it.  She has spunk for sure, but is a sweetheart!  She loves, loves playing with other but does well entertaining herself. She laughs loudly and squeals louder...yikes!  (Still trying to get a handle on that.) Currently, she loves to sneak up on us and say 'boo!' :) 


Austin will be 2 in January.  He is so funny!  He thinks he is way older than he is and has no problem keeping up with Drew and Brynn. He says quite a few words  and never stops moving.  He loves it when he can make his brother and sister laugh.

Andrew is my best friend!  He is working hard with his job  People keep reaching out and contacting him which is exciting. He is busy with a church leadership position as well as I am, so we are constantly learning how to juggle our time. I am doing the "Story Time" at the local library and have been having fun with that.  Although I taught 4th grade and enjoy that age, I have had fun interacting with these little ones. (18 months to 3 years)

We feel the Lord's blessings in our life daily!

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